Corporate: We offer totally free health screening on site.

March 2015 057With Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic all health screening is free and includes postural assessment and free postural and exercise advice, a free spine check and mini Report of Findings. This includes advice on how to relieve symptoms and prevent further aches and pains

Low Back Pain is now the number one reason for GP visits and consequent absence from work, the majority of this type of condition is in most cases mechanical in origin. This means that good work practice and advice given to employees can save a company a lot of wasted hours and money!

Health and safety statistics report 5 million days a year are lost due to work related back pain in the UK, each employee taking an average of 19 days off work annually. The estimated cost to UK employers is in excess of £5 billion. The Manga Report found that injured workers with low back pain that were treated by chiropractors returned to work much sooner than those treated by other physicians.



Today's visit really showed how our work practices could be changed to help our employees prevent back problems. The staff enjoyed the visit and we hadreally positive feedback from them! Thanks!


We asked Birmingham Chiropractic in for the morning. All the appointment slots were filled and we had really positive feedback from all our employees. We would definitely have them back!!

If you feel this free service would benefit your company and employees please contact us on: 0121 792 1245 or use our contact page.