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Welcome to Birmingham Chiropractic

Why choose us:

We really care about getting you back to health in the shortest time possible giving you all the information and help you need, including lifestyle, exercise and dietary advice.

Drug free and safe treatments

We really listen to our patients and provide individually tailored treatment programs that are Chiropractor led. This includes the best aftercare and advice.

We offer a full rehabilitation program including one-to-one yoga and exercise sessions with our experts.

At Birmingham Chiropractic we aim to get to the underlying cause of your back pain, not just treating the symptom. Helping you to achieve long lasting results and real health improvements.














We only use the latest rehabilitation practices and clinical treatment tables to give you the best level of care possible.

Our evidence based techniques are guided by The Clinical Excellence Guidelines from the NICE Research Institute. The same Guidlines that inform NHS treatment options. We have years of Clinical experience and knowledge in treating back pain.

We believe everyone should have affordable access to Chiropractic Care for better health. Having back pain is not just a normal part of ageing!  We help all our patients to live without pain and get back to optimal spinal health. Start today.